How To Compile

In order to compile the application, you will need the Ant build tool. Once you have Ant installed, the following steps can be used to compile BlueSeer and bring up a test instance of the application :

  • 1. Download the zipped version of Blueseer from and extract the contents into a directory called 'blueseer'.
  • 2. Open a command prompt and cd to the install directory 'blueseer/test'.
  • 3. Type 'ant -v' to confirm you have ant installed.
  • 4. Type 'ant main' at the command prompt. This will compile and create a blueseer.jar file in 'blueseer/test/scratch'
  • 6. Type 'ant refresh' to establish a test instance of the blueseer application including the creation of the sqlite database file
  • 7. Type 'ant run' to execute the application. The default login credentials are 'admin' and 'admin' respectively.
  • Enjoy!